Moringa Frau
Not everything that prepares delight is beneficial, but everything that is beneficial prepares delight, too.Pythagoras of Samos (570 - 500 B.C.)

Moringa is an amazing plant and a universal product. It does not only apply as dietary supplement and remedy but can also be utilized to refine culinary foods and beverages. These products are perfectly suitable to spice fish, meat, rice, potato and pasta dishes – tofu as food of the new generation should be mentioned as well. For example, Moringa can be used as substitute for salt and does not contain sugar, so persons with heart diseases or diabetes can enjoy these dishes without concern. Also soups, sauces and salads receive a very special touch with a Moringa addition. Individual experiments with dairy products like yogurt, cheese or – totally different – in cereals, taste inimitably fresh and aromatic. Like this, gourmet cuisine and award-winning chefs discover our high-quality products, mix astonishing creations and are able to present totally new and incredible tastes.

Moringa Gewürze
13 different organic spices and herbs with moringa leaf powder in sprinkler

Moringa is currently evolving into a healthy and sustainable lifestyle product, which addresses likewise body and soul. Our moringa can be enjoyed both hot and cold: It is tasty as (ice-)tea and perfectly suitable for smoothies and cocktails. In our moringafarm recipes you will find ideas, tips and tricks for kitchen use at home or for barkeepers. You have own ideas? Tell us! We are always looking for new suggestions and applications – write us your ultimate moringa food or drink, which, with a bit of luck, will be included in our recipe book. You are what you eat – … and drink – …

Try something new in your kitchen – healthy and delicious – !