moringafarm: who are we?

After a long period of preparation, research and planning, moringafarm GmbH enters the food and food supplements market. The company conducts production, sales and marketing of first-class Moringa products and corresponding product lines. Our main cultivation areas are the Canary Islands and Egypt. We stand for natural prudence as well as sustainability and see a crucial key role of Moringa Oleifera. moringafarm is led by highest standards of safety and quality and establishes unique plant products on the European market. Our customers can trust in reliability, competence and especially quality.

Vision and Objectives

Besides commercial interests, moringafarm is well aware of its responsibility for future generations that becomes manifest in our business policy. We do not only aim at providing our customers with the best possible quality, but also to give something to society and nature in return. We donate to charity and aid organizations and support projects that promote sustainable development or conserve natural habitats.

Selection and Quality

Our products are made of sun-ripened Moringa raw material and are processed with utmost care. We offer our customers a selection of Moringa with premium quality from our different moringafarms and production areas respectively. Moreover, we cooperate with specialists for sustainable cultivation and organic agriculture. The articles are primarily organic products, with a certification by supervisory authorities and European organic label, so you have additional proof of our efforts in your hands.